The Residents @ El Rey; Los Angeles, CA

February 26, 2013
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America’s OG avant-garde/experimental band brought their 40th anniversary show to LA last night, treating fans to almost two hours of music that spanned the bands extensive recording history. Well…kind of. There were three musicians on stage. The singer, “Randy” along with “Chuck” and “Bob” who contributed keyboard and guitar parts respectively. For the most part, the set consisted of pre-recorded music with some electronic/guitar embellishments. By the way, is there any information available about…well, pretty much any of those three guys? Are they all original members? I’m sure “Randy” the singer was, but the other two? In those black masks? Who the hell knows.

Was it a bit of a bummer that there weren’t any eyeball helmets? Or a full band? Or, hell, even a drummer? Of course. Look at this. That’s a fucking Residents show. That’s what we all dream of seeing, I think. But that’s not quite what we got last night. In fact, the only eyeball in the room was the one on the $25 t-shirt at the merch table. There was one atop the inflatable Christmas tree that was raised at the end of the show, but…I don’t know, it didn’t feel right without the helmets. Sure, one was stolen, but even so…make it work, guys!

I didn’t keep track of the setlist, but most of the shows on the tour have been similar. I’ll post it when I find it online, but until then just imagine they played: Loser=Weed, Picnic In The Jungle, The Confused Transexual, The Man In The Dark Sedan, March To The Sea, Would We Be Alive?, Santa Dog and Mahogany Wood.

The Residents – Godsong [MP3]

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