On Stan Lee Parkour

March 14, 2013

Every once in a while it’s fun to support and promote things my friends create. It’s a dual-purpose exercise, really. First, it proves to all my readers that I exist in the real world, and that other real human beings like me and hang out with me. I’m not some sociopathic loner nutcase who blogs from his parents’ basement. Second, it proves to my friends that people actually read this website. That way when they try to get me to do something and I counter with, “Sorry, I have to blog.” They don’t just think I’m up in my room burning incense and crying, or making pipe bombs.

My buddy Tom wrote/produced/directed a video for the Stan Lee YouTube channel recently that turned out really well. It’s called Stan Lee Parkour, and…well…I guess the name is self-explanatory. Having heard Tom talk about the birth of the idea, seeing some of the raw glide-cam footage, and now the finish product, I think everyone is really impressed with how it turned out. And the initial response (tweets from American Idol’s Randy Jackson, write-ups by ion and Examiner.com, 4000+ “likes” on YouTube since being posted) has been positive. Keep an eye out for Tom getting shoved out of Stan’s way early in the video also. Actor/Writer/Producer/Director…He’s a quadruple threat, that guy!

Of course, there’s also the music, which was co-written by my other buddy Adam (OCD) and his cohort DuskRider. There’s also a lovely bit of singing by Alison Lo, which includes the already oft-quoted quip, “He invented fucking Spider-Man.” OCD and DuskRider also wrote the music for Tom’s zombie wedding short Undying Love, which is an official selection of the 2013 Boston Film Festival. That track, “Eat ’em Alive” can be heard on SoundCloud. Try as I might, my attempts to get Adam to slip in a Humpty Hump/Digital Underground-style “It’s a zombie wedding / Oh-my-god my skin is shedding!” rhyme went ignored. I guess it didn’t fit with the flow of the tune. Oh well, there goes my rap career!

The duo of OCD and DuskRider also provided music for a bunch of the World Of Heroes channel “Stan Lee Real Life…” videos that Tom also produced, the best of which is either Hobbit One Ring or Radioactive Ooze. And when Adam (OCD) was back in Boston he wrote/performed some solid x-rated verses with the collective known as Old Brotha, one of which is posted below for your listening pleasure.

These are my friends. Killing children in YouTube videos and rapping over it. They say you can tell a lot about a guy by the company he keeps…

• You can subscribe to the Stan Lee World Of Heroes YouTube channel here.
• Buy the MP3 for Stan Lee Parkour Master via iTunes store.
• Buy the MP3 for Eat ‘Em Alive (feat. Duskrider & Ocd) via iTunes store
• You can follow DuskRider on SoundCloud here.

Old Brotha – Out Ya Element [MP3]

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