Rare Photographs Of Great Historical And Culture Importance Discovered

March 25, 2013

Experts are calling it the archeological find of the century. This evening, alone in his ramshackle bedroom looking through his personal archives, Swan Fungus blogger [redacted] found rare, never-before-seen (by this blog’s audience, anyway) photographs dating back to the year 2003. With the help of advanced techniques in photographic restoration, the images — which this author believes were captured during some sort of ancestral tribal rite — are finally being unveiled for art lovers to enjoy firsthand. Much like Giotto’s frescoes at the Papal Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, these gorgeous and colorful depictions of youth in ecstasy have reportedly stricken many viewers with Stendhal syndrome. The artwork is said to be so beautiful and so vivid it causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, confusing and even hallucinations when individuals are exposed to them.

Now, for the first time on the Internet, these images are available to be viewed by the masses.

[redacted]. Guy From Japanther Screaming In Ian’s Ear. Digital Photograph. 600px x 450px.
(21.17cm x 15.88cm). The Museum Of Evan, Internet. Gift of Of Quiet.
(c) 2013 Estate Of [redacted], Los Angeles/California.

[redacted]. Ian Couldn’t Look More Bored By Japanther. Digital Photograph. 600px x 450px.
(21.17cm x 15.88cm). The Museum Of Evan, Internet. Gift of Of Quiet.
(c) 2013 Estate Of [redacted], Los Angeles/California.

These two photographs are the second and third donations to the Museum Of Evan. For those of you who are unaware, it was recommended in 2010 by an “M.K.” that this website increase its level of narcissism to a more-sickening degree. Each blog entry posted to Swan Fungus was not only penned by [redacted], but the subject of each blog entry was [redacted]. Alas, there was a shortage of artifacts from his life available for viewing. It was decided that a number of galleries would be created to display works of great historical and cultural importance pertaining specifically to the life of [redacted]. Descriptions would accompany each item, just as you’d see on any other museum website, be it New York’s Museum of Modern Art or the Louvre. Alas, without an Internet to sift and sort through all the ephemera donated by Evan’s family members, the museum remained empty but for one sad little exhibit. Three years later, a new curator has taken up the task and promised to share even more amazing archeological finds. You might want to bookmark Swan Fungus, because you never know where or when a new museum-quality collectible will be unearthed and added to the collection.

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