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Todd Pallet

This morning I cleaned out my car and headed up to Canoga Park to retrieve the Todd LPs. The finest little pallet you’ve ever seen was situated in the front of the shipping department, in an amongst orders shipping to EMI/Universal, Scorpio — holy shit a pallet of Expo ’70s records!? That’s awesome! I want one! For a moment I forgot I was there on official business. As much as I wanted to just walk around looking at the hundreds or thousands of boxes reading about their contents, I had to grab my order quickly and head home. 350 pounds of vinyl. It was a fun morning, loading all that shit into my car and then into my bedroom, which now resembles a warehouse with a bed in it.

Todd Records Part 1

I’ve condition checked 299 of the 500 albums, and found only 5 with slightly damaged (ie. bent corners) covers. I guess the plan for now is to finish that inspection today and start to map out a pre-order process. The official announcement will be coming within the next 10-14 days (I’ve got a busy weekend coming up so it’s unlikely I’ll be ready by next week), but you can expect an announcement via Twitter/Facebook sometime between the 13th and 15th of August, with orders beginning to ship almost immediately. For those of you who don’t have turntables, YES there will be a digital-only release that will coincide with the vinyl release. Again, an official announcement and order details will come shortly.

Todd (1982?)

In the meantime, enjoy another vintage photo of Todd, taken in the early ’80s (the photographer mentioned 1982 as a possibility), and some details about Todd’s post-high school attempts to make it in Hollywood.

I really miss LA. I really, really miss LA. I thought by now I wouldn’t but I do. I semi-compromised on where I ended up living. I first came out to LA in 1983 so what is that? Exactly thirty years ago. And then I went back out — I stayed with some friends of my folks — and they were fantastic, they drove me around because I didn’t have a car…and I went to Pierce College and took a songwriting class with Alan O’Day. I took an acting class and a singing class. LA was really cool. Then I said, “Ok, well this is it. I know exactly what I want to do and where I want to live,” but I had no education other than high school. Even though it was 1983 I’m pretty sure the cost of living was still very high compared to other states. So I went out there twice after high school. The first time I was there for four months. The second time was in the summer, so I was probably out there for six months. And then I went back in 1984 because I’d met somebody in a songwriting class who had a studio in their home and knew Bobby Sherman. So I got a chance to meet him before I left in ’83, and I had an opportunity to back the following summer of ’84 and record three songs — which are on my SoundCloud page, the actual demos — in Bobby Sherman’s studio. And that was kind of the pinnacle. Nothing really happened after that, LA-wise.

Todd has previously posted three of the songs from the Bobby Sherman sessions on his SoundCloud page: “For You,” “Tonight” and a re-recording of “How Can I Make It On My Own,” which appeared on With Love…From Me To You. Check out that dubby, synthy re-imagined track right here:

Todd – How Can I Make It On My Own [1984 Bobby Sherman session]

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