Nina Nastasia – 2003-10-29 The Old Market; Brighton, East Sussex UK

nina nastasia - brighton old market, 29-oct-03-bbc08

I don’t remember how I came across this recording, but it arrived in my possession with a slew of photographs from the evening. I was in full-blown Nina crush mode back in 2003, as Run To Ruin came out in June and tracks like “I Say That I Will Go,” “You Her And Me” and “On Teasing” helped my love for Nina soar to new heights. She played the Old Market in October, and the setlist includes gems like the untitled outtake from Run To Ruin that John Peel played before the album’s release. The track labeled “In The Back Of The House” is an early version of “Jim’s Room” which appeared on her 2006 LP On Leaving. “What She Doesn’t Know” wouldn’t be released as an EP for another 5 years after this show! Two of my three favorite cuts from Run To Ruin are represented here, and they sound awesome. I’ve long said that if I could select any musicians alive to play my songs with, it would be Nina’s backing band. Specifically because of Jim White’s drumming and the violinists and cellists she employs. Her she’s backed only by strings — no Jim White — and they are a the perfect compliment to her voice and her minimalist guitar playing. That voice. My God. She has the best voice. Strong when it has to be, incredibly delicate, with impeccable control and pitch. If you’ve heard me verbally cream my jeans over how amazing Nina is and you want to hear live proof of it, listen to this show. Listen to “The Body” or “Jimmy Rose’s Tattoo”. Listen to it all. It’s like 20 minutes long. It’s so fucking good.

nina nastasia - brighton old market, 29-oct-03-bbc03

Nina Nastasia
The Old Market; Brighton, East Sussex UK
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01. You Her And Me
02. What She Doesn’t Know
03. Jim’s Song
04. Jimmy Rose’s Tattoo
05. The Body
06. Untitled [MP3]
07. On Teasing

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