Scavenger Hunt – “Lost” Single

August 8, 2013
  • Scavenger Hunt – “Lost”

My buddy Dan has been composing music for TV and film for the past decade, creating brilliant spots for companies like Droid, Facebook, IBM, Mercedes, BofA…wasn’t there a Honey Nut Cherrios ad a long time ago? Or a Reese’s ad? That was my favorite because I’m both physically and emotionally addicted to Reese’s. Anyway, Dan’s one of the hardest workers of anybody I know, and he’s constantly expanding his musical horizons both as a performer and producer.

Little known fact #1: I first picked up the guitar in fifth grade. I tried to take lessons on two separate occasions in the next few years, but wound up quitting because I didn’t want to practice. When we met the summer before high school started, it was Dan who helped get me back into playing music by teaching me songs by bands like the Smashing Pumpkins and Silverchair.

Most recently, Dan’s been really excited about a recording project he started with a local singer named Jill (who is one-half of the local husband/wife duo Wing and Hollow). He showed me some mock-ups of artwork a few weeks ago while we were at a bar and explained the meaning behind the project’s name, Scavenger Hunt.

Since moving to Los Angeles, Dan’s found that in this city people are constantly meeting people and using those connections to fill specific roles in their lives. It could be a professional or personal connection, but the general theme here seems to be building contacts who can help you complete your goals as much as you can help them complete theirs. Like a scavenger hunt. Get it?

This morning, the duo had their first song “Lost” offered by WXPN in Philadelphia as their free download of the day. The DJ who hyped the track described it as a “melodically infectious electro-pop jam with sultry vocals.” The breezy 3-minute tune, with its memorable hook and laid-back production, has summer jam written all over it. You might not find me hauling ass up the PCH blasting it (Dan knows me too well — he said, “It’s not that quirky outsider record from 1976 only you know about”), but I could see plenty of others doing so. Seriously though, I think it’s a really catchy pop song and Dan’s production talents truly shine on it.

Little known fact #2: Dan can probably recount more embarrassing stories about me than any other friend I have. This post is *not*an attempt to curry favor with the guy who could most-easily shame me publicly. I just want to promote the culmination of my buddy’s hard work and talent!

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