So Close…So Very Close…

September 4, 2013

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I should be done with this editing project soon. I’m on page 766 on 929. That’s practically the end, right? Let me tell you — I’m going to party like it’s my last night on earth once I finish this thing (and receive my pay). I know…I should worry about actually getting paid before I receive any money…but I can’t help but sit here (on my couch, where I’ve been for the past week) and dream about all the different ways I could spend the money. I’m thinking Vegas, but I might settle for dinner someplace real nice with a pretty girl.

Who am I kidding? I’ll take my money to Vegas.

…I could spend it on another Reese’s and Banana booze-y shake and billionaire burger (kobe beef, foie gras, truffle mayo) at Holstein’s. Or I can go for the $60 Rossini burger in Mandalay Bay…although the ingredients are somewhat similar to the iteration at Holstein’s.

…I could take my friend Peter to Hash House A-Go-Go and pay for one of the most outlandish (not to be confused with opulent) meals on the strip.

…Or, you know, I could just get a really cheap rate at Excalibur and blow the rest of the money at the tables, giving myself at least a slight chance at making even MORE money in the process. Plus at the tables the drinks are free, and I can earn some comps to help me out on future Vegas trips.

Who am I kidding? I’ll waste it all on food.

Wait. Maybe I should go back and retake those alcoholism/eating disorder tests from yesterday. I think I’m sensing a pattern.

Al Reese – Looks Like Rain [MP3]

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