With Love…From Me To You On-Sale Info

September 17, 2013
  • With Love…From Me To You On-Sale Info

You’ll notice (I think? hopefully?) the Swan Fungus Records page is currently password protected. That’s because I’m building out the shopping cart as I type this so that the pre-sale can begin tomorrow. The exact time of the pre-sale will be totally random, so check Twitter and Facebook for the official announcement. The clear vinyl LPs (limited to 100) are available only through this website. Once they have sold out, the 400 black vinyl copies will be made available here, via Bandcamp, and in select retail stores. I’ll post all relevant info when its available.

US customers can expect to pay $16 (PPD), and international customers can expect to pay $32. Orders within the state of California will be subject to an additional 9% sales tax charge. For those of you who do not own turntables but would like to either support Todd’s music and/or obtain a high-quality download of the album, there will be a digital copy of the album available via Bandcamp for $4. Again, I’ll post links to that page when the on-sale begins. Have I made this sufficiently complicated for you yet? Sorry about that. I’m one man running a global e-commerce EMPIRE…from a coffee shop in Hollywood…around the corner from the Toyota service center…where I’ll be watching the orders come in while I wait to hear what’s wrong with my poor Toyota Carrolla and how much it’s going to cost me.

That is, if I can build out the shopping cart tonight. I can barely figure out how PayPal works, that’s the level of competence you’re relying on right now. How the hell did I even graduate college with such a low level of intelligence!? Even worse, I tried to earn a degree in Computer Science before I changed my major to Communications/English after one year and a B- grade-point average. Clearly I never would have graduated had I pursued my technology-focused dream…

The good news is, apparently USPS.com lets you print First Class International postage from home now, so there shouldn’t be too much of a delay in mailing international orders. US orders will begin shipping almost immediately, so that’s good news, right!?

Okay, I’ve got to go finish programing the e-store. Check back tomorrow because I’m going to be posting a very special entry related to the album. I spoke to Todd recently and got the inside scoop about the “prom story” that is so often cited when describing With Love…From Me To You. If you want to know what REALLY happened after Todd recorded the album back in 1979, check back here tomorrow.

Until then, wish me luck.

Todd 1978

Todd (in baseball cap) circa 1978 — one year before With Love…From Me To You

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