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October 28, 2013
  • On Project Hollywood

As you may know, I’ve got friends. Actual, real-life friends. Some of ’em are even involved in artistic endeavors. Like Dan, and  Pezza, or Jessie. And Tom! Who could forget Tom! When someone like me — with a marginal Internet reach — has such creative friends, it’s only right that I do what I can to promote their cultural contributions whenever possible.

When Shaun and Scott e-mailed me about the launch of Project Hollywood, I was stoked. I think it was…three years ago? Four years ago? I went to a premiere for the pilot episode of their web series. It was at that bar on Melrose. I forget what it’s called. And then? Silence. YEARS OF SILENCE. I often wondered what happened to that pilot, and why there was never a second episode. Finally last week I received an answer.

It took a few years, but Couch Surfer Productions ((founded by Sam Rosenthal, Sean Monguso, Scott Jonson and Shaun Lavery) and their talented cast/crew have now filmed an entire season’s worth of their web series. Same title, same plot, same actors (I think?). Jake is dumped by his girlfriend Rachel and moves in with his buddies Auggie and Holden. In the first three episodes Jake crashes on their couch, tries to get back in the game, and develops a little crush on their neighbor Melanie. All the while, the kids are trying to get ahead in Hollywood and (mostly) enjoying the wild ride it provides.

Check out the trailer:

According to Shaun, there are going to be ten total episodes in this first season of the series. Each one runs between 12 and 22 minutes. Think of it as watching either one of those short-form Adult Swim programs, or a TV sitcom. Only it’s on the Internet, there’s no ads, and it’s good! The show premieres/launches Wednesday and you can find the episodes on the official Project Hollywood website, which is RIGHT HERE.

Congrats and good luck to Scott, Shaun, Sam, and anyone else who was involved in the making of this web series that I might know or met one time at a party and forgot your name.

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