“The World Goin’ One Way, People Another Yo’.”

February 4, 2014
  • “The World Goin’ One Way, People Another Yo’.”

During my recent re-watch of THE WIRE, this line stuck out to me. It’s delivered by an underrated, secondary character during the waning episodes of Season 4. In a conversation about a young drug dealer who is rapidly — and violently — rising to power, two dealers working under another boss converse about so much more than just one man.

– He’s a cold motherfucker.
– It’s a cold world…
– Thought you said it was getting warmer.
– The world goin’ one way, people another yo’.

It’s a disheartening thought, but like so many lines uttered on THE WIRE, it’s also reality. Yeah. Spring might just be around the corner. Brightness and warmth will come. But people? We just keep growing darker. We just get colder. It’s not unique to the ultra-violent drug game we see on TV. It’s not even unique to the real neglected kids in the real neglected neighborhoods we’re all guilty of ignoring by and large on a daily basis. We’re all complicit. We are all going the wrong way. Darker and colder. Crueler, dumber, and perhaps worst of all, unaware of the swiftness with which the breakdown is occurring.

If you’ve already seen the Wire, here’s the scene I’m referencing: YouTube Video.

Every time I try and expand my thoughts here, it makes me more frustrated. So I think the best course of action is to step away from the keyboard and do something constructive. Good night. I’ll post something more uplifting tomorrow.

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