Who Is Marc Ashton?

February 28, 2014
  • Who Is Marc Ashton?

UPDATE: MYSTERY SOLVED! FACEBOOK READER ALEX WAS INFORMED BY MARK ASHTON VEY (RARE BIRD, TURNSTYLE) THAT HE RECORDED THIS DEMO. MARK HIMSELF NOTED: “Recorded around 1972. I think it was a Demo for Warner Bros Records London. After it was Recorded I signed a contract with Trident Productions who managed Queen. I Recorded with my Band Headstone 2 Albums for Trident EMI Records. Bad Habits ABC Dunhill USA and Headstone. A great suprise to hear this old song of mine.”


Dear Readers,

This one has baffled just about every veteran hardcore collector in my little circle (which, come to think of it, is actually quite large given the scope of their collections), so I have no alternative but to cast this out there on the ‘net and hope something or someone bites.

Found randomly in a pile of records by an incredibly knowledgable and respected collector, filed away for years without so much as a second thought, then dropped on my desk at work with the instructions, “Write about this and see if one of your readers can help you out.”

So here we are…

Is anyone familiar with this? I feel like it has some potential but can’t find anything anywhere online about it. It’s a one-sided (five songs) acetate with a “Trident Studios” label and just the name “Marc Ashton” hand-written on the ‘A’ side label. It is housed in a generic orange Trident sleeve. There is nothing etched/stamped in ‘A’ side dead wax. The ‘B’ (black) side has “A106” stamped in the dead wax.

Sorry for the un-clean sounding sample, but I’m not the best with removing noise from vinyl transfers.

Marc Ashton – Song Five [MP3]

Thanks in advance if someone can shed light.


  1. Tyler Kent

    There was a Mark Ashton in a London based band called Turnstyle who put out a rare and sought after 45 in 1968 of Ride a Wave b/w Trot. They were the 1969 support band of The Nice.
    Ashton then left to join Rare Bird in late ’69.
    In ’72 Ashton released a 45 Get Up & Groove b/w Barking Dogs under his own name and featuring Flamin’ Groovy Cyril Jordan on slide guitar.
    Of course as this fella is named Mark with a “k” and not Marc with a “c” it most likely isn’t even the same bloke…

    NP – Gnidrolog / In Spite of Harry’s Toenail

  2. Tyler Kent

    Well shit…
    Just saw your update at the top.
    Oh well…

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