Killdozer – Live On WFMU

May 30, 2014
  • Killdozer – Live On WFMU

We’ve made it through our week of “Live on WFMU” sessions. And since I’m posting this in the final minutes before heading over to the WFMU Record Fair, it’s only fitting that our journey ends right here. The last installment in this week’s series features Killdozer, a band who now hold the record for being featured the most times during this An Album A Day project. Twice.

And since I’m in a rush to ready myself and get the car packed up and be on my way, that’s all you’re going to get today. This session was recorded during the fall of 2008 (November 4th, I believe) and it was right around the time the band toured the US. I saw them in LA at the Echo right around this time, and they were just as spectacular as I’d hoped. Great set, great banter, tight and loud and fierce.

Oh, and by the way you can hear all the tracks from this show (not just the one I’m posting) over at the WFMU blog.

Live On WFMU
November 4th, 2008

01. Cotton Balls
02. Cyst [MP3]
03. Lupus
04. King Of Sex
05. I Am, I Said
06. Sonnet
07. New Pants And Shirt
08. Banter
09. Gates Of Heaven
10. Interview
11. Sweet Home Alabama


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