Stephen In Japan Mix Tape

September 7, 2014
  • Stephen In Japan Mix Tape

Moving sure is a pain in the ass. As I’m sure many of you can attest. It is both physically draining and time consuming. There hasn’t really been a moment to sit down and relax this past week. Alas, on a Sunday night following a long weekend, I find myself with a couple minutes to update the blog. In between falling asleep on the couch and moving to the bed. Luckily for me I received a heartwarming e-mail from reader Stephen in Japan offering up a mix tape of his creation. You know, because he was bored. Y’all should be so kind as to email me mix tapes to listen to while I unpack boxes or fall asleep on the couch watching Netflix like a goddamned old man.

Thanks Stephen. He called it “Mixed Bag,” but because this is a Sunday and I typically post Sunday Mix Tapes around this time each week, I’ve re-dubbed this week’s installment, Stephen In Japan Mix Tape.

Enjoy. And if it sucks, blame him not me!

01. Fates – Fakkin Kiruyuu
02. Boom Boom Satellites – Kick It Out
03. US Christmas – Queen of The World
04. Nova Sol – Casual Sex In The Burn Ward
05. Blondie – Union City Blue
06. P-Model – Pinky Trick
07. Cryv – In The Cake
08. Outrage – Deadbeat (Alternative Mix)
09. TsuShiMaMiRe – Chandan Dancing
10. Gun Club – Preaching The Blues
11. Munetaka Inoue & The Sharp Five – Rokudan
12. Erasure – Oh L’amour (Matt Darey Mix)
13. Nate Hall – L6-S
14. Stoneburner – The Ascension of Muad’Dib
15. Alex Gomes – Macon Bacon
16. Tetlow & Broadhurst – Qua As

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