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Sunday Mix Tape Number 416

There will be words, and there will be music. More words than music, this time. Featuring Alistair Riddell, 310, Blam Blam Blam, Ben Frost, Atoll, Quatermass and others!

Hey, remember when the Sunday Mix Tape was a thing around here? I am sorry that it’s been a while since the last installment. I’m trying to slowly reintegrate myself into blogging regularly. Unfortunately, I’ve picked literally the busiest 8 weeks of my entire year to suddenly feel inspired. Last week I organized a bachelor party in Vegas for a good friend, on Tuesday I’m flying back east for work, and May is going to be just as busy as April has been…with the culmination being a Hawaiian wedding (not mine, the one I organized the bachelor party for) at the end of the month. So…yeah. I’m going to give this a shot. We’ll see how it works. Apologies in advance if the next post you see from me is dated sometime in June.

The good news is, I’m at least remaining somewhat productive with my time. It’d be really embarrassing if I was not blogging but also not doing anything. Work has been good, my social life is rich, I’m still toiling away at a few little passion projects here and there… it’s hard to really complain about much right now, other than the fact that I haven’t devoted much time to this space. Luckily I’ve got some bullets in the chamber so-to-speak in terms of potential posts. I had an exciting pre-birthday meal over the weekend that I’m hoping to write about in the next couple days. Trips back east usually result in fun topics for discussion as well. Oh, and I’ve unearthed a few more treasures from the collector’s slum that I need to write about as well. The posts are there, I just have to find a little down time to post ’em.

And with that said, here’s a mixtape for you. Weirdness abounds.

Sunday Mix Tape – Number 416
Orwell’s Memory

01. 310 – Night On The Ocean [MP3]
02. Yukihiro Takahashi – Are You Receiving Me? [MP3]
03. Qautermass – Black Sheep Of The Family [MP3]
04. Blam Blam Blam – There Is No Depression In New Zealand [MP3]
05. The 976-Girls – Survey Says [MP3]
06. Alistair Riddell – Zero [MP3]
07. Atoll – Le Berger [MP3]
08. Orchid Spangiafora – Mondo Stupid [MP3]
09. Ben Frost – All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated [MP3]
10. Eigenlicht – Berzerker [MP3]

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