Stay At Home: Day 26

April 14, 2020
  • Stay At Home: Day 26

Even in this era of fast-paced life, 24-hour news cycles and almost immediate access to information, sometimes it’s startling how quickly things change. It feels like after a couple of weeks of doom and gloom and “peaks” and doubling rates and curves, suddenly everyone is rushing to say the worst is behind us and we can begin to move forward. This is my 26th day staying at home. The city of Los Angeles has mandated that we keep staying at home until at least May 15th. With how quickly things seem to be progressing, it feels like we’re going to be back at work next Monday. The next week or two should be interesting. I just don’t want governors or mayors to rush things and inadvertently fuck us into next year. So…we’ll see.

The last time we spoke, I was intending to take a Thursday afternoon “mystery drive.” That never really materialized, but I made it over to Culver City for a quick supply run. The tentative plan is to take a slightly longer, more scenic drive tomorrow before our regular Survivor night Zoom party. I’ve really only used my car two or three times in the past 26 days, and none of my supply runs or errands took me further than downtown. If the roads are as empty as everyone says they are, I feel like I owe it to myself to create some kind of memory I can brag about one day. “You know, back in 2020 you could drive from Beverly Hills to San Clemente in 30 minutes!” Something like that.

Speaking of Beverly Hills, the city has gone and fucked up my running routine. I think on Friday of last week they announced that everyone must be wearing a face mask at all times when leaving their homes. Before Friday, you only had to wear a face mask while visiting essential businesses. Now you have to wear one even if you’re just going for a walk around the block. We don’t technically live in Beverly Hills but we’re so close it’s impossible for us to go for a walk around the block — or for me to take my regular running route — without crossing over into the city. So, because of that, I haven’t gone for a run since last Friday. I ordered some running masks/buffs from Target that are supposed to arrive today. I can take my first run without the fear of being ticketed tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll post a picture of my dumb face in a dumb face mask.

Cooking trials and tribulations continued last week. One night after butchering those poor scallops, I took the night off from meal prep to heat up a frozen pizza for dinner. On Thursday we got some deli-fresh turkey and cheese so I made paninis with turkey, muenster, tomato, avocado and pesto for dinner. On Friday I made steaks (sirloin) with roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts. Saturday was “taco night,” and I cooked up the last of our ground beef with onions and zucchini (why not?). The mixture was seasoned with chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, crushed red pepper flakes, oregano, paprika, cumin, salt, and pepper. We had some corn taco shells and filled ’em up with chopped tomato and shredded cheese. I eventually shifted to making a plate of nachos because I hate hard taco shells. And on Sunday we finally ordered take-out — for just the second time during this 26-day quarantine. We had Din Tai Fung delivered, and that kept me feed through lunch yesterday. I made more paninis for dinner last night. We have boxes coming from our produce and meat providers this week, so I’m sure there will be more culinary adventures to come in the days ahead.

Other than that, my days have become very routine. I wake up. I make coffee and breakfast. Today’s breakfast was an omelette with cannellini beans, tomato, and two types of cheese. I spend a few hours on work (both the actual job and/or writing projects), then I play some video games, go for a walk, and start to figure out what we’re doing for dinner. I’m completely fucking Zoom’d out at this point, and really hope I don’t get invited to any more game nights at least until this weekend. I had no idea teleconferencing with friends would grow so tired so quickly. It’d probably be more fun and relaxing if I wasn’t expected to figure out how to organize a game night with zero lag or execute various screen-sharing ventures. We’re watching a lot of movies. I’ve received some solid TV show recommendations. I’m barely listening to any new music because my laptop speakers suck, and when my “work station” is 3 feet from the turntable it’s hard not to just listen to my records. Yes, of course, we have been enjoying a lot of good beer at night (although we’re trying not to drink Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights). I think we have a shipment of fresh IPAs and lagers coming from Sante Adarius Rustic Ales today. There are zero IPAs in the fridge right now so that will be a welcome addition to the dozen cans from HenHouse Brewing we’ve been working through since our last beer delivery.

I’ll try to post a fresh mixtape on Thursday or Friday. Let me know if you’ve liked the two most recent ones I posted.

Stay healthy and stay safe, Y’all.

N.S.U. – Turn On, Or Turn Me Down [MP3]

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