Stay At Home: Day 29

  • Stay At Home: Day 29

Happy Friday, Y’all.

After last night’s post was published, the girlfriend hopped on a Zoom call and I started making us dinner. Last night we had cheeseburgers with a side of green beans. The beans were simply prepared. They were blanched and then combined with butter and minced garlic. As we each have distinct preferences when it comes to burgers, I had to make them separately so as to prepare each one properly. She likes hers cooked medium to medium-well, and I “toasted” her brioche bun in a sautee pan with butter (this is the only method for preparing buns — treat the bread like a butter sponge). She got one slice of heirloom tomato, one slice of cheddar cheese, and ketchup applied directly to the burger. I, on the other hand, like my burger cooked medium-rare. I did not toast my brioche bun (which, by the way, is an inferior bun for burgers, but it was all they had at Gelson’s this week). My burger was topped with one slice of heirloom tomato, one slice of cheddar cheese, and a sunny-side-up egg. Ketchup on the side, for when I get down to the bites with too few (or no) toppings. They came out fairly well. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures of either burger. Next time. I think we have six more patties coming in our next Butcher Box.

This morning for breakfast I used our last brioche bun to make an egg and cheese sandwich. The brioche was a fine vehicle for the egg and cheese, although not as fine as a sesame seed bagel. We have no bagels in the house right now and I’m seriously considering ordering bagels from Ess-A-Bagel through Goldbelly. The last time I used that website I got Chicago Deep Dish pizzas, and it worked well. If they can overnight me some real fucking New York bagels I should be taking advantage of it.

Dinner tonight is going to be a panini for me because I have to use up the rest of the deli meat we ordered last week. We got a ton of groceries delivered on Wednesday, so now I have peanut butter filled-pretzels to munch on alongside my panini. I’m tired of this “every main course needs a vegetable on the side!” BS I’ve been forced to adhere to for the last twenty-nine days. Let me spread my fat guy wings and fly. I don’t think that statement makes sense, so let’s just ignore it. You get what I’m trying to say.

Today has been a somewhat productive day. I woke up and went for a run. I edited together some audio for an as-yet-untitled, secret project I’ve been working on with a friend. I looked up some UCLA online courses that might interest me if this quarantine lasts any longer. And then I compiled a fresh mixtape for you, which I will share below.

Tonight I think we’re going to take it easy and either watch a movie or play a board game. I downloaded Monopoly for Playstation and am absolutely crushing it even though I own about 1/10th of the properties on the board. I got lucky and won Park Place and Boardwalk at auction when she didn’t have the money to afford them (she spent all her money on the other 9/10ths of the board). Now I’ve got 4 houses on each property and she can’t seem to get avoid them. My guess is she’ll be broke within the next ten turns, but I promised we could keep playing after dinner. As for a movie…I keep suggesting Monos but she won’t bite. We might start “Devs” because one of my group chats is filled with people who keep talking about how amazing it is, or Ian suggested “Money Heist.” Tomorrow we’re doing a small online game night with two other couples. I’m sure you won’t here from me again until Monday.

Which, coincidentally, might be my first day of official unemployment. Dear God I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Have a great weekend — or as great as you can make it given the circumstances.

Stay healthy and stay safe. Enjoy today’s mixtape.

Safe At Home
A Special Friday Mix Tape For You

01. Shannon Wright – Captain Of Quarantine
02. Angels Of Light – Palisades
03. Medicine – Home Everywhere
04. Rachel’s – You Will Be Safe
05. Broadcast – Message From Home
06. Throbbing Gristle – Hometime
07. Brian Jonestown Massacre – New Kind Of Sick
08. Jellyfish – I Wanna Stay Home
09. Theta Naught – Home Again
10. Library Tapes – In A Safe Place…Somewhere Near Your Heart
11. Lava – Pieces Of Peace
12. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel – No Warning
13. Yen Pox – Virus
14. Nina Nastasia – Why Don’t You Stay Home
15. Virus – Facts Of Death
16. Trees – Cover Your Mouth


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