Stay At Home: Day 36

April 24, 2020
  • Stay At Home: Day 36

The good news is, I slept slightly better last night! The bad news is, I went for a run this morning in 90-degree heat and I’ve spent the ensuing 8 hours wondering if I’m overheated from my run or if I’m running a fever. Sure, I could pop a thermometer in my mouth and have an answer in a matter of seconds…but those things are totally unreliable! Sometimes your temperature goes up after you run, or eat, or after you take a shower…I don’t think I could take it if it registered anything over 98.6 degrees.

I checked it. 97.9 degrees. That’s it. I’m dying. It was nice knowing you.

Last night’s slow-cooker BBQ pulled chicken came out great. The thigh meat we received in our last Butcher Box order was definitely tastier than the 10 pounds of chicken breast we received in this month’s box (apparently they couldn’t get thighs to us this time). The difference in tastes was minimal enough that I enjoyed it anyway, it’s just not as juicy. Nothing a little extra BBQ sauce and hot sauce can’t compensate for. We made wraps out of the chicken, which was combined with onion, sweet corn, diced tomato, black beans, and cotija cheese. I probably could have eaten two, but I thought it’d be better to have something for lunch today, so I stuck with one. Also, I forgot to take pictures of the chicken so this is going to a media-less blog entry.

For breakfast after my run, I made an egg-and-cheese toast, which was topped with a drizzle of hot sauce and avocado.

The rest of my day, quite literally, has been me vacillating between calm and anxious. Happy then panicked. It comes in waves, and at random times, but it’s still happening on a near-daily basis. I can stop and play some Mario Kart or MLB The Show and it will temporarily alleviate my anxiety, but it’s never for as long as I hope. All it takes is one tweet, news brief, or overheard news blip to send me into another spiral. These days are rough, man.

Tomorrow is my birthday, which I’m really hoping is a sunrise-to-sunset happy occasion. I’ll probably be Facetime-ing and Zoom-ing with friends and family all day long, which should be plenty distracting. We have top-secret dinner plans apparently. I’ve been told my quarantine partner needs to leave home for about 30-45 minutes to retrieve it, but I have no other information to gleen where the hell she’s going…and with what she’ll be returning. I’m sure I’ll be posting about it on Sunday or Monday.

Honestly? That’s it. I’m going to go watch the 2nd day of the NFL Draft now. I like the Giants first pick and apparently they already made their second one before I realized the Draft was live on TV. Dinner tonight is supposed to be burgers, and then we’re going to dip into the beer closet for the first of several celebratory bottles from my “cellar” we’ll be opening this weekend. Next time I post I’ll have plenty of photos to share I think…

Stay healthy and stay safe.


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