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Stay At Home: Day 56

In which I share a photo I took of some cheeseburgers, and finally share that mixtape I’ve been promising for like three weeks.

Hey, Y’all. It’s Thursday, and I’ve long since finished working for the day, so I figured I’d post that mixtape I’ve been promising for a while now. There isn’t too much new to report. I made burgers on Tuesday night, one of which turned out well and one of which didn’t. I’m not sure what exactly went wrong since I cooked them at the same time on the same burner. My only guess is that in my attempt to make two 8-ounce patties, one ended up a little thicker than the other. It left the tiniest bit of rare (even for my liking, and I like steaks cooked rare-plus) while the second one was a perfect medium-rare. I topped each one with a slice of American cheese, a couple of slices of tomato, and a bit of ketchup. Just the way God intended, right?

Patties, cooked and topped with cheese, wait for buns to be toasted.

Last night we ordered Dave’s Hot Chicken and watched the finale of Suvivor while Zoom-ing with friends. I was so excited to eat my slider combo that I didn’t even stop to take a picture before devouring it. My sincerest apologies.

Tonight I’m apparently making filet mignon with roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Which means I should probably skip right to the mixtape because it is nearly 6 pm and I’m going to have to start cooking soon.

Working from home has given me opportunities to either revisit or pay closer attention to albums I’m not really intimate with, and it’s paying off greatly in terms of my personal enjoyment. I listened to Gnidrolog’s Lady Lake this morning and realized that the ‘A’ side of the album is an absolute masterpiece — even with the prog flute solos on the first track. The vocalist is like a perfect mash-up of Tim Buckley and Geddy Lee, and the band is the proper amount of heavy/psych/prog to make the horns and flute work. Check out that tune for sure if you’ve never heard any Gnidrolog. As for the rest of the tape, it is comprised mostly of songs I’ve heard in the past week or two while sitting in the kitchen trying to get things done. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll recognize a lot of these from album covers I’ve posted recently. Enjoy — let me know what you think. And, as always, stay healthy and stay safe.

Prog & Electronic & Psych Oh My!

01. Gnidrolog – I Could Never Be A Soldier
02. Kin Ping Meh – Fairy-Tales
03. Tractor – Little Girl In Yellow
04. Bakery – Holocaust
05. The Pretty Things – Baron Saturday
06. The Druids Of Stonehenge – Earthless
07. Kikagaku Moyo – Smoke And Mirrors
08. The Decayes – Rich People’s Mailboxes
09. Stu Cisco – Hurricane
10. Emeralds – Search For Me In The Wasteland

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