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Collector Scum

  • January 23, 2018

    In which I find a 1971 letter from the band King Crimson to a super-fan in Southern California. Has one like it been unearthed before? Probably. Have I ever seen it? No, that’s why I’m sharing it.

  • It offers etherial, Christian psych-folk and spaced-out WTF weirdness in equal measure. THE FIRE OF GOD’S LOVE by Sister Irene O’Connor is offered for your listening pleasure. Repent, all ye who enter here.

  • “My theory of music is to explore in the unknown vibrations of sounds, to create psychedelic ways of thinking which I make mostly with primitive sounds by adding them together…If you enjoy the weird and the new, this is for you.”

  • November 19, 2016

    As both storage and income have become issues lately, your humble narrator (and self-identified Collector Scum) is forced to search through his record shelves in search of detritus. Using the criteria “Is it worth anything?” and “Am I ever going to listen to this again?” he debates whether or not to part with certain titles. You know that hole we all try to fill with […]

  • As a Mets fan, I feel dirty for writing about piece of Dodgers-related ephemera. Alas, this one is pretty unique — special, even! — so I can set aside my bias for a few minutes while I share it with you. Whether you typically come here for my musical discoveries, the antics that used to be the hallmark of this site, or the weird artifacts […]

  • There I was, sitting at the Coffee Bean on Beverly near La Brea. Mets hat on, University of Vermont hoodie crumpled up in a ball on the back seat of my car. The sky was grey, the temperature a comfortable 68 degrees fahrenheit. And, for some reason, the Coffee Bean decided to turn on all their heat lamps. On a SIXTY-EIGHT DEGREE Thursday morning. […]

  • From the first strains (and I should emphasize the word strains here) of “Prison Without Bars” it’s clear this is not your usual lounge-y/ballad-y/rock-y mash-up of styles commonly found on private-press, homemade recordings. This sounds more akin to someone who dreamt of being the next Tom Jones/Elvis Presley crooner, only English probably isn’t his first language. “Prison Without Bars” opens with all the gusto of, I […]

  • Ten songs. Nineteen minutes. No, this is not an exclusive look at the new Anal Cunt record. Nor is it a fond look back at some early Minutemen demos. This is Songs By Sue. Who was Sue? Well, we don’t know her surname. We don’t know when exactly these recordings were made. What we do know is that Sue was a wheelchair-bound polio victim […]

  • This one’s a pretty big deal in the sense that if you search Google for “Richard H. Baker” and “The First Coming” there’s practically no information available about this album except for people who have paid $250+ for a copy when it comes up for auction. It’s also one of the few records I’ve come across lately where the buzzwords bandied about by sellers […]

  • “The Don Snow Army has a prime objective: to climb up Rock Mountain! They came together eight years ago from three little towns in Southern California. Over twenty musical soldiers have done stints in the D.S.A. Only the Die-hard veterans are left now. The band has been fighting battle after battle since its inception. The band only played original music so they never played […]