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    January 26, 2010

    In the same vein as Todd’s With Love…From Me To You comes Rick Grossman and his Hot Romance LP. In fact, one might wonder — upon comparing the artwork for both albums — if these two gentleman are indeed one in the same. This 1978 private press album has a kind of cosmic sunshine pop feel to it. His vocal style and forced […]

  • This one is…it’s just awesome. Look at that cover and tell me you wouldn’t empty your wallet to hear what the hell was stored in the grooves of this record. Pure gold, right? Albums like With Love…From Me To You are why I’ve so deeply fallen in love with “real people” records. The masterminds might not be the most masterful, the songwriting might […]

    January 23, 2008

    “This extremely obscure, self-released 1971 LP checks out pretty well, on paper: it was a one-off record of tragic love songs done in late ’60s psych pop style written and recorded by a teenager from Cyprus recently relocated to New York City. Heck, Middle Eastern psych, we can’t get enough! But when we actually heard it, at first it was a little hard […]