Swan Fungus | Holy Grail
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Holy Grail


    Taken from Julian Cope’s Head Heritage: “This far flung, double yellow Tiger bomber wrapped brown bag in paper was unleashed in Japan on Atlantic Records, Speed, Glue & Shinki’s second album did the impossible by being even more of a wrecked and loose a masterpiece as their previous album, Eve. Two separate LPs came tethered together in the oversized obi enclosure of one […]

  • This one is…it’s just awesome. Look at that cover and tell me you wouldn’t empty your wallet to hear what the hell was stored in the grooves of this record. Pure gold, right? Albums like With Love…From Me To You are why I’ve so deeply fallen in love with “real people” records. The masterminds might not be the most masterful, the songwriting might […]


    When I worked at Crescent Golf Range (formerly 2235 Springfield Ave in Union, New Jersey), I had the closing shift. One night I was driving home from work late and listening to Tony Coulter’s show on WFMU, and the DJ was going on endlessly about a garage rock band called the Bachs. Tony played two tracks from their album Out Of The Bachs, […]