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When last you heard of Kengo Iuchi, I was declaring in not-so-uncertain terms that his solo record, ‘Inugami To Kachiku‘ was one of the greatest downer records you’ll ever hear. In fact, I said that the term “downer folk” doesn’t even apply to that record. It’s something else entirely. Tortured, terrifying, and discomforting. Song titles (transcribed by reader Stephen) hinted at the atmosphere of the record. “The ringing of the bells of anguished souls,” “Slaughterhouse of love”…all the hit songs you grew up loving, finally together in one place!

Just kidding.

M.S.B.R. (Molten Salt Breeder Reactor) is the alias of Koji Tano, one of the most-respect noise artists in Japan’s experimental/noise music scene in the ’90s. Here we see Iuchi teaming up with Tano for three tracks (all recorded live). Then there’s one 22-minute blast of noise from Tano himself, and a 25-minute “opus” put to tape by Iuchi.

This recording was released in a limited edition of 500 copies by the venerable Canadian record label Alien8, the same crazy Québécois who released Set Fire To Flames records, Sam Shalabi’s albums as Shalabi Effect, Tim Hecker, Nadja and some Acid Mother Temple discs.

I wouldn’t quite say this is an easy listen, or a fun one, but for those of you who are into the experimental/noise movement in Japan, this is one you should hear.

And, for the rest of you, just pretend you’re listening to Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ but instead of Graceland it’s the sounds of a dungeon beneath an industrial complex during an intense psychological torture session.

Kengo Iuchi / M.S.B.R.
(Alien8 Recordings, 1998)
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01. MSBR – Psychic Blue
02. MSBR & Kengo Iuchi – Live On 23-05-1998
03. MSBR & Kengo Iuchi – Live On 24-01-1998
04. Kengo Iuchi – Untitled
05. MSBR & Kengo Iuchi – Live On 24-11-1997

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