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I mentioned a few months ago that I was being interviewed for the Cargo Culte’s podcast, which is called The Cargo Culte Audio Field Report. Back in April, co-hosts Isreal (@theallseeingi) and Cameron (@cmetz) asked me to put together an hour’s worth of music based on a theme that I could describe during an hourlong chat. As my area of expertise is self-published, “private press” recordings of the ’60s and ’70s, I chose some of my favorite songs of that genre. Jerry Solomon, Jr. and His Soulettes, Bill Clint, Marc Mundy, the Children Of Sunshine and Michael Fitzgerald were some of those featured on my playlist.

Sometime in May, I think, maybe it was June, I connected via Skype to discuss the playlist, my blog, and music culture. Typically I prefer to remain invisible behind this wall I call my website, so I’m not at my most-comfortable when it comes to thinking/speaking on my feet. Alas, if you can get past me chuckling at my own jokes for an hour, and you can ignore my verbal gymnastics when I have to slow down my brain enough to speak coherently, you should check it out. The 2-hour podcast is available for download from iTunes (just search for “Cargo Culte Audio Field Report”) or you can stream it from the Cargo Culte blog.

When you are finished listening, subscribe to the podcast through iTunes and stay tuned for future episodes. Isreal and Cameron, and their producer Daniel are doing great work, and I think it warrants all of our attention.

Stuff like this makes me miss working on The Best Podcast You Have, but that was mostly fun because I was playing lots of music and cutting it to weird home movies and oddities from the Archive.org Moving Images collection. Sigh. The old days. When I didn’t have to take a bunch of shots of whiskey just to calm me down long enough to make a Skype call.

Let me know what you think! How many times do I use the phrase “morbid fascination!?” Just how many of my own witty remarks do I laugh at!? How many um’s and like’s and uh’s can you count? My God, I’m awkward.

Infinite Body – Carve Out The Face Of My God [MP3]

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